Medical University of Lublin

Dean's Office of English Division

Head of Dean's Office




Magdalena Staśkiewicz


Front Desk

Konrad Sikora


+48 81 448 63 10

Registrar for Indian and American Program - Basic Sciences

Dorota Stachura-Żurek

Registrar for Clinical Sciences

Katarzyna Wilkowska

Registrar for Dentistry Program

Magdalena Baran


Katarzyna Łopuszyńska

Registrar for Asian Medical Program

Agnieszka Furmanek 6-year MD Program


Agata Aleksandrowicz 6-year advanced MD Program


Registrar for Middle East Program

Michał Jałocha

Financial Aid Officer

Małgorzata Pentek

Fees American Program

Financial Aid Officer

Agnieszka Czyż

Fees Asian Program

Registrar for Graduates Affairs

Anna Proskura

Registrar for International Program

Olga Marcinko




Ewelina Stankiewicz


Registrar for NBME Affairs

Bartłomiej Maślejak

Assistant Dean, School of Medicine

Jerry Jacob, MD


US Clinical Program Coordinator

English Division



Students' success during medical competition in Novosibirsk

On April 20-23, students of the Medical University of Lublin took part in the International Medical Tournament 2018...

The MUL Commencement Ceremony for students of the English Language Division

During the event 129 diplomas were granted to students of American, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern Programs as well as to students of dentistry...