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Nostrification of High School Diplomas

Recognition of certificates or the level of education or rights to continue Education or the right to continue education is not necessary in case of:


  1. certificates or other documents issued by schools operating in educational systems of EU, OECD or EFTA members, which allow access to higher education institutions in those countries;
  2. IB diplomas (International Baccalaureate) issued by International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva
  3. EB diplomas (European Baccalaureate) issued by European Schools in accordance with the Convention drawn up in  Luxembourg on 21 June 1994;
  4. certificates issued in countries with which Poland has signed bilateral agreements concerning the recognition of education (certificates issued under the agreements which expired will still be recognized on the basis of those agreements).

More information at: Ministry of Science and higher Education  [Polish only]


All other high school diplomas have to be recognized in Poland, therefore you need to provide the university with:


  1. Original certificate/diploma or its certified duplicate legalized by:
  • Polish consul in the country where certificate was issued or in the country in which educational system a school operates;
  • educational authorities in the country where a certificate was issued or in the country in which educational system a school operates;
  • an embassy or consulate of the country where certificate was issued or in the country in which educational system a school operates located in Poland or in other EU, EFTA or OECD country;
  • if a certificate was issued by a country – party to the Hague Convention of 5th October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, an original certificate, its duplicate or a certified copy with an Apostille placed on it or attached to any of those documents must be submitted.
  1. Translation into Polish of the certificate/diploma presented in a foreign language done by:
  • a Polish sworn translator, or
  • a sworn translator registered in any of EU, EFTA or OECD country, or
  • a Polish consul in the country where the certificate was issued, or
  • an embassy or consulate of the country which issued the certificate or in which educational system the school operates located on the territory of Poland.


All further details concerning the nostrification can be found at:,Recognition-of-certificates.html

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