Medical University of Lublin

International/European Program

Summer session 2018/2019

1 YEAR            
  Exam/final test 1 retake 2 retake      
Human Anatomy II 20-06-2019  8.00 – 10.30  Lecture Hall Coll. Maius 5-09-2019   9.00  Department 12.09.2019         9.00  Department E    
Histology with Embryology and Cytophysiology II 17-06-2019 09-09-2019 18-09-2018 E    
Human Physiology II 28-06-2019   8:00-12:00     E    
Biophysics       P/G    
Ethics       P/G    
Basic Clinical Skills       P/G    
Foundations of Methodology            
Polish       P/G    
Latin - E       P/G    
2 YEAR            
  Exam/final test  1 retake 2 retake      
Biochemistry with molecular biology II 18-06-2019     10.00-12.00 Lecture Hall Coll. Maius  09.09.2019      10.00- 12.00 Lecture Hall Coll. Maius 16.09.2019  from 9.00  Department E    
Elements of professionalism       P/G    
Informatics/Biostat.        P/G    
Pathophysiology II 24-06-2019     E    
Pathomorphology II       E    
Medical Microbiology II       E    
Medical Sociology       P/G    
Public Health       P/G    
Parasitology       P/G    
Preventive Medicine       P/G    
3 YEAR            
  Midterm 1 and retake of prescriptions’ final midterm 2 Exam/final test  1 retake 2 retake  
Pharmacology and Toxicology II 14.06.2019  9.09.2019 18.06.2019  10.09.2019 17.09.2019 E
Clinical Toxicology           P/G
Paediatrics  II           P/G
Cardiology            P/G
Imaging Diagnostic           P/G
Nephrology           P/G
Pediatric Orthopedics           P/G
Emergency Medicine           E
Procedure in emergency medical condition           P/G
From anatomy to diagnosis            P/G
Methodology of research           P/G
4 YEAR            
  Exam/final test  1 retake 2 retake      
Elderly Medicine       P/G    

English Division


April 2019



Students' success during medical competition in Novosibirsk

On April 20-23, students of the Medical University of Lublin took part in the International Medical Tournament 2018...

The MUL Commencement Ceremony for students of the English Language Division

During the event 129 diplomas were granted to students of American, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern Programs as well as to students of dentistry...