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At the turn of the semesters, the Deans and their office would like to recall several rules regarding irregular course of study (mostly in the case of a failed subject):


  1. A student is not allowed to continue on a higher semester if they did not pass more than one subject.
  2. A student is allowed to repeat one or more failed subjects as soon as possible. You can enter a repeating group only if you have not missed more than one class.
  3. Not being able to continue with more than one subject pertains to:
  •  courses that were failed and must be repeated;
  • courses that were rearranged in your curriculum following the necessity to repeat the first part of a subject (if you have to repeat part 1 of some subject, you will be doing part 2 of this subject later, not with your class). Such a subject is treated as outstanding.

English Division


June 2019



Students' success during medical competition in Novosibirsk

On April 20-23, students of the Medical University of Lublin took part in the International Medical Tournament 2018...

The MUL Commencement Ceremony for students of the English Language Division

During the event 129 diplomas were granted to students of American, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern Programs as well as to students of dentistry...