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A brand new building of Collegium Novum

A brand new building of Collegium Novum

Renovated and modernized, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient – that is the most accurate description of the newly reopened building of Collegium Novum. The extensive renovation took 2,5 years to complete. On Friday 26th of September the Rector of the Medical University of Lublin unveiled the revitalized edifice.


“The building of Collegium Novum has become a temple to learning and a place open to everyone. We have infused this building with new life and by doing so we have created a shelter for academic thought” - said Prof. Andrzej Drop, the Rector of the Medical University of Lublin during the ceremony. “Whoever enters the place to draw from the academic atmosphere, is bound to encounter a unique style, charm and tradition”.


A lot of eminent guests took part in the Collegium Novum grand reopening ceremony. The visitors spoke with admiration about the amount of effort required to modernize the edifice at 1 Racławickie Avenue. They also got the chance to tour around the building, explore the recreational garden and to visit the accompanying photographic exhibition.


The total cost of the investment in the modernization of Collegium Novum and the surrounding infrastructure (garden, car parks) amounted to 19 950 000,00 PLN. The financial means came from three different sources. 2 027 000,00 PLN was awarded to the University by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The Ministry of Health supported the enterprise with the government grant of 8 163 000,00 PLN. The remaining amount came from the University’s own income.


A little bit of history…

The main building of the Medical University of Lublin was designed by a well-known architect Czesław Doria-Dernałowicz, who came up with the concept for the edifice in the 50s.


Prior to 1989, the building at 1 Racławickie Avenue served as the seat of Regional Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party (KW PZPR). On 29th April 1993 the District Council passed a resolution which entitled Feliks Skubiszewski Medical Academy of Lublin to use the building free of charge for 10 consecutive years. It wasn’t until 22nd March 2008 that the university changed its name to the Medical University of Lublin.


In 2010 the edifice was bought from the administrative district of Lublin by the Medical University for only a nominal fee.


Currently the building houses: the head office of University Authorities, the seat of the authorities of I Faculty of Medicine with Dentistry Division, classrooms, as well as the main lecture theatre, Audytorium Maximum.




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