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The 20th anniversary of the English Division of the Medical University of Lublin

Twenty years have passed since the establishment of English Division at the Medical University of Lublin. The celebration of this anniversary was scheduled for the 22nd and 23rd October.


The opening ceremony was held in Lublin Castle. It was there that the Dean of II Faculty of Medicine with English Language Division Professor Wojciech Złuska spoke of the Division’s history. All attendees gathered in Polish Painting Gallery XVII-XIX century participated in the screening of a documentary on the English Division and listened to a concert by the Academic Choir of the Medical University of Lublin.



The celebrations were accompanied by a series of lectures delivered by Professor Leszek Pączek (President of the Accreditation Committee for Polish University Medical Schools, Medical University of Warsaw), Doctor Michael Czekajlo (Visiting Professor, Virginia, USA), Chalak Ranchber, MD, (English Language Division graduate), Professor Anselm G.M. Jünemann (Rostock, Germany), and Professor Przemko Tylzanowski (Visiting Professor, KU Leuven, Belgium).





English Division


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