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Strong and Beautiful

“Strong and Beautiful” is the first joint undertaking of the MUL Promotion and Development Office, Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine Unit and Lublin Police Headquarters. It is aimed at all women who work or study at our university.


The campaign comprises a number of events which focus on feminine beauty. It was organized as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day.


On 7th and 8th March the Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine Unit conducted colour analysis, face shape analysis, and make-up presentation and training for the previously registered attendees.


Self-defence training was scheduled for 14th and 19th March. The sessions are conducted by professional instructors from Lublin Police Headquarters.



English Division


November 2019



The MUL Commencement Ceremony for students of the English Language Division

The MUL Commencement Ceremony for students of the II Faculty of Medicine with English Language Division was held on June  13th 2019 in the Opera Hall of Centre for the Meeting of...

Students' success during medical competition in Novosibirsk

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