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The IFMSAIAN - fourth issue of the English-language magazine of students of the Medical University of Lublin

English Division Lublin of IFMSA-Poland presents the fourth edition of the English-written student magazine the IFMSAIAN issued by the students of English Division and Polish Division of Medical University of Lublin.

In this issue, we have been honored with the Foreword of Vice-Rector for Educational Issues Prof. dr. Barbara Jodłowska-Jędrych and Dean of the I Faculty of Medicine, Prof. dr. Ryszard Maciejewski, Guardian to IFMSA-Poland Local Committee in Lublin, addressed to the students of our Alma Mater.

In the fourth issue we present articles about 7 years in Indonesia (Chonlada Siripanich), SCOPE in Japan (Maria Gołębiowska), Bonnie with Class project (Tomasz Zuzak), Medical School Stress Relief (Nicole Zambolla), UNESCO Chair in Bioethics 11th World Conference report (Maria Gołębiowska),poem Pass the Mic Around for Health (Ephasia Goodall), SCORE in Catalonia (Wiktoria Osiak), SCORE in Croatia (Biola Ogunfuyi), First-aid for kids (Aleksandra Derecka),  General Assembly August Meeting in Macedonia report (Maria Gołębiowska), SCOPE in the Netherlands (Aleksandra Szczepanek), Addictions peer education (Ali Almahfooz) Heart Auscultation Workshops (Natalia Marszałek).


Editor in Chief of the newspaper is 4th year student Maria Gołębiowska, Vicepresident to English Division, IFMSA-Poland Local Committee in Lublin.

Graphic design was done by student of the Faculty of Arts of the Marie Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin –  Ilona Wałęcak.


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August 2019



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