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Medical University of Lublin Open Day

On 21 March, the Open Day of the Medical University of Lublin was held.

Visitors could see the stands of the divisions and departments, presentations, demonstrations, workshops, simulations of treatments, they could also participate in meetings with students and teachers.

The Young Medicine Clinic, or anatomy workshops, surgical stitching, catheterization, intubation, plastering and other medical activities, Dexter's Laboratory, phytochemical laboratory, 3D anatomy – Visible Human Project presentation, specialist rescue show or automassage speeding up the regeneration were just some of the attractions.

Medical television studio was arranged in Collegium Maius, where live shows of college events, student life, and scientific activities were broadcast.The role of medical popularisers of knowledge was played by academic teachers who presented science curiosities at scientific stand-ups.


Jacek Kurzepa MD Ph.D, the Head of the Chair and Department of Medical Chemistry, was talking about human memory and its almost unlimited possibilities.


Krystyna Skalicka-Woźniak MD Ph.D of the Chair and Department of Pharmacognosy with the Medicinal Plants Lab, presented the plant kingdom, describing the unique properties of plants.


Paweł Węgorowski, MD Ph.D., of the Department of Oncology of the Chair of Oncology and Environmental Health Care, gave a lecture on pain, the essence of its existence and its subjective feeling.


Agata Rosińska MSc., of the Chair and Department of Synthesis and Chemical Technology of Medicines, spoke about the chemistry of cream, showing the audience how to make a home-made cream.


Together with Dariusz Polański PhD of the Department of Clinical Genetics of the Chair of Medical Genetics, the participants of the event were wondering whether it could be no end, they discussed the topic of immortality.





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