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Student Organizations

Student’s corporations of Medical University of Lublin

Student’s corporations of Medical University of Lublin

For students interested in more than a regular schedule there are scientific groups and associations offering a wide range of activities:


  • International Medical Students’ Association IFMSA
  • Młodzi Medycy (Young Medics)
  • Students of Dentistry Society
  • Lublin Medical Analytics  Students’ Association
  • The Volunteer Center Organization
  • Student Scientific Society
  • Student Government
  • University Sports Association AZS
  • University Choir
  • University Pastoral Ministry „Łukasz”
  • University Folk Dance and Song Ensemble


International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations




Together with our colleagues in more than 121 countries, we are involved in a global network that connects thousands of medical students. Our organization gives medical students the opportunities they need to go beyond the hospital walls, and lecture halls. Motivated, intelligent young people are determined to look beyond the doors of their medical school to see the world outside.

IFMSA-Poland send each year about 500 students from twelve Polish Medical Universities to study with colleagues from other countries, other continents, other culture... The same amount of young, well motivated people from more than 80 countries choose Poland for their clerkships and spend the holidays in our country.

Our members organize each year many projects and campaigns on major diseases such as HIV/AIDS, smoking and cardiovascular diseases or on important problems of medical students in Poland. By meeting active students from other medical universities, members of IFMSA-Poland share their ideas, skills and experience about how students can act on the issues that motivate them. Twice a year we meet in different places in Poland, spending 3 days on trainings, discussions and relax, of course.

On an international level, we arranged few transnational projects especially in HIV/AIDS topics. These gave our members the opportunities to proof their language competence and skills working with partners from other countries.

If only you are a medical student in Polish University and you want spend your time in absolutely wonderful atmosphere just join us! We look forward to hearing from you!



Młodzy Medycy (Young Medics)

Młodzi Medycy is an organisation gathering students from all medical fields of study on our university, counting over 200 active members. In 2014 we connected with EMSA – member of European Medical Students Association, allowing our members to join in international exchanges and practices with almost every country in the world.  


Młodzi Medycy – EMSA Lublin places importance on practical education of it’s members, organising workshops, e.g. intubation, electrocardiography, surgical suturing, massage technics, BLS and plastering workshops. We also coordinate prevension and public educational programmes in Lublin, such as anatomy and physiology classes for high school students, prosocial actions like pharmaceutical, band-aids and first aid items collections and toy collections for our little patients in  Uniwersytecki Szpital Kliniczny.


We’re willingly supporting and working with other students’ organizations, holding International Surgical and Orthopaedics Conference, charity volleyball matches with students and proffesors as well as charity concerts, and medical prevension actions - like the Students’ Prophylaxis Voyage.




Students of Dentistry Society



Students of Dentistry Society at the Medical University of Lublin is a student organization that was founded on January 23, 2004.

The purpose of the Society of Dentistry Students is:

  1. Advancing knowledge acquired during academic classes, seminars, conferences, trainings and courses that take place at the Medical University and throughout the country.
  2. Carrying out educational actions in the field of anti-caries prophylaxis in kindergartens, primary schools and orphanages.
  3. Signing contracts enabling dentistry students to do foreign internships in several academic centers around the world as part of IADS and EDSA membership.
  4. Development of the "Student Assistance" project.

The Student Dentistry Society is also an excellent platform for the development of interpersonal relations and mutual exchange of experiences.



Society of Medical Analytics Students



LTSAM (Society of Medical Analytics Students) brings together medical analytics students. The main tasks of the society are to popularize knowledge about the degree course of Medical Analytics as well as organization and participation in preventive actions. The number of members oscillates around 70 students. LTSAM is the originator of the blood donation campaign - Bloody Wednesday, and also the organizer of the annual scientific conference held in May.   


The Volunteer Center organization



The Volunteer Center organization was entered into the register of university student organizations in July 2014 by decision of the Rector of the Medical University of Lublin.

The first supervisor of the organization was Mrs. prof. dr hab. of health sciences Marta Makara-Studzińska.

Currently, the supervisor of the organization is Mrs. prof. dr hab. of medical science Marzena Samardakiewicz, and the management board of the organization consists of students of the Medical University of Lublin.


Any student at the Medical University of Lublin can become a member of the Center.


The goal of the Volunteer Center Organization is:

  1. Promoting the idea of ​​volunteering among the academic community.
  2. Initiating and supporting various forms of voluntary activities in the academic community of the Medical University of Lublin.
  3. Undertaking cooperation with organizations and institutions providing assistance to those in need.
  4. Providing general information about volunteering.

The idea of ​​promoting ​​volunteering among the academic community was born in October 2013, when a group of students of our Alma Mater, members of the Student Scientific Association of Młodzi Medycy, decided to join their forces to help the sick and their families. In the 2013/2014 academic year, over 150 people reported willingness to participate in volunteering: students of nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, midwifery, pharmacy, public health, nutrition and emergency medicine.

Supported by prof. Marta Makara-Studzińska, they became volunteers of the Good Samaritan Hospice in Lublin. They formed a well-coordinated 36-person team that for 5 months supported the care of Hospice patients, supported the patients in their daily activities, lifted their spirits by conversation or simply kept company in silence. Students volunteered a total of 525 hours of on-call time at the Lublin hospice. They intend to continue cooperation with the Good Samaritan Hospice in Lublin in the coming years.

They also have numerous one-day actions organized by student volunteers, including occasional games for patients of the Children's Clinical Hospital in Lublin, Andrzejki ball for students of the Special Educational Center in Lublin.

As an Organization of the Volunteer Center, we plan to expand the scope of our activities, which is why we are willing to cooperate with institutions/organizations providing assistance to those in need. We are open to new challenges!

We cordially invite you to join our group!



Student Scientific Society



If you would like to register a student organization at Medical University of Lublin, please contact us.


Student Scientific Society of the Medical University of Lublin
Witolda Chodźki 9, room 4
20-093 Lublin


University Sports Association AZS



The University Club of the University Sports Association of the Medical University of Lublin brings together athletes and physically active students. It currently has over 250 members.

AZS is Atmosphere, Sport and Fun.

In cooperation with AZS of the Lublin Environment, we organize:

  1. Academic Championships of the Lublin Voivodeship.
  2. Polish Academic Championships.
  3. Universiada of the 1st year students.


For students of our university, we conduct training in sections, open sports classes on Saturdays, as part of "Wola Hall". We give a chance to prove yourself in competition during the Inter-Faculty Tournament, we organize camps and integration trips.


The sports sections of KU AZS UM in Lublin represent our university in many disciplines, both in individual and team sports, winning medals at such events as the Polish Academic Championships, the Academic Championships of the Lublin Voivodeship and the Polish Medical University Championships.

The club's counsellors are prof. dr hab. n. med. Grzegorz Wallner and mgr Marcin Henzell.

Sports sections:


  1. Women's Basketball
  2. Men's Basketball
  3. Athletics
  4. Football
  5. Handball
  6. Swimming
  7. Self-defense
  8. Women's volleyball
  9. Men's volleyball
  10. Chess
  11. Table Tennis
  12. Tennis
  13. Sailing


 University Choir



The Academic Choir of the Medical University of Lublin consists of students and employees of all faculties of the Medical University and enthusiasts from other Lublin universities, for 20 years under the direction of dr hab. Monika Mielko-Remiszewska. This is a group of friends who "by the way" earn prizes and awards for singing - the most important are: Silver Diploma at the IV Concorso Corale Inernationale in Riva del Garda (Italy) in 1996., 1st place at the 9th Myślenice Christmas Carol and Pastorals Festival in 2001, Grand Prix at the III Mazovian Festival of Academic Choirs Gaudeamus in Warsaw (here also the honor for the best conductor) in 2004, 1st place at the Cantate Deo National Festival of Religious Music in Rzeszów in 2004 and Silver Diplomas in two categories: Main and Musica Sacra at the 47th International Choral Song Festival in Międzyzdroje in 2012.

The choir's repertoire is very diverse. Singing medics perform religious and secular music, old and modern, a ’cappella songs and great vocal and instrumental works. They perform with the Lublin Philharmonic orchestra (C. Orff - Carmina burana, M. Musorgski - Borys Godunow, F. Nowowiejski - Quo vadis, K. Szymanowski - Stabat Mater, K. Dębski - Poem about the city of Lublin, Verdi - opera gala, G. Puccini-Tosca, P. Czajkowski - Eugeniusz Onegin, G. Holst - Planets, WA Mozart - Requiem and the Great Mass c), cooperate with the Rzeszów Philharmonic, Symphony Orchestra in Zamość (Italian Opera Night and The Best of Rubik) and the Army Concert Orchestra Polish. In 2012, at the invitation of the Music Theater in Lublin, the choir co-performed the opera of Nabucco by G. Verdi. The event took place in Lublin's Globus hall for over 4,000 people.

Thanks to the financial support of the University authorities, the choir participated in music workshops, festivals and concert tours in the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Ukraine and Lithuania.

It has recorded three CDs - the Christmas Carols are sung by the Choir of the Medical University of Lublin (2001), Musica Ecclesiae Nova (2008) and MedyKolędy (2010).

The Academic Choir of the Medical University is open to new members. It especially invites students and employees of the Medical University, to rehearsals, which have been taking place on Mondays and Thursdays for years (19:00), at the choir headquarters - the Music Workshop at ul. Chodźki 8.



University Pastoral Ministry „Łukasz”



University Pastoral Ministry "Łukasz" under the Medical University in Lublin deals with the spiritual guidance of students. It organizes many interesting meetings, retreats, conferences and holiday camps.


The following communities operate within the academic pastoral ministry "Łukasz":

  1. Rebirth in the Holy Spirit "Living water".
  2. Pure Hearts Movement.
  3. Musical Diakonia.
  4. John Paul II group.
  5. Male and Female Soul Clinic.


"Łukasz" can be found in the SPSK4 chapel, on the website and on Facebook. Welcome!


University Folk Dance and Song Ensemble



The Song and Dance Ensemble of the Medical University of Lublin was founded in the autumn of 1979 as the first and only folklore group at the Medical University in Poland and Europe. Currently, under the Song and Dance Ensemble there three dance groups, a band and soloists - in total over 150 people. In their program, the band presents dances, folk songs and instrumental pieces for a band from many regions of Poland and national dances. During almost 35 years of uninterrupted activity, the Group employed a total of 3150 students and medical doctors, and the result was 1225 concerts in the country and abroad.

From the very beginning, Krystyna Maciąg B.Sc.- artistic director, choreographer, teacher and friend of youth. Ludwik Piłat, MA, constantly watches over the musical side. The team's organizational manager since 2002 is Jarosław Kałakucki, MD, Ph.D. Earlier this function was performed by Ryszard Sekrecki MD, Ph.D. (1979-1992) and Mariusz Mydlarczyk, MD, Ph.D. (1992-2001).


Medals of the University Folk Dance and Song Ensemble

University Folk Dance and Song Ensemble is a laureate of many festivals and competitions. The band was awarded for their artistic activity with:

  1. ZSP Golden Badge.
  2. A Badge of Merit for Lublin.
  3. Badge of Merit for the Lublin Region.
  4. Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.
  5. Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Culture and Art.
  6. Medal of the President of Lublin.

In connection with the 30th anniversary of the Song and Dance Ensemble in 2009, the leaders and members of the ensemble received, among others:

1. Medal for Merit to Culture Gloria Artis.

2. Medals for Long-term Service I, II and III degree.

3. Honor Badges of Merit for the Lubelskie Voivodeship.

4. Badges of Meritorious Culture Activist.

5. Occasional diplomas of the Mayor of Lublin.

6. Occasional diplomas of the Lublin Voivode.

7. Occasional diplomas of the Marshal of the Lublin Voivodeship.

8. Occasional diplomas of Rector of the Medical University in Lublin.

9. Awards in the field of artistic creativity, promotion and protection of cultural goods.




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