Medical University of Lublin

Students Government

Contact Information for Student Parliament (European Program)

Leader of the Student Parliament:

Syeda Mona Rizvi



Secondary Leader of the Student Parliament:

Mohammad Suleman Raja




1st year

Mohammad Al Ghamdi


2nd year

Wajahat Ali Khan




3rd year

Hassan Naqeeb



4th year

Kamilia Soltani



Yasmin Dinar



5th year

Mohammad Suleman Raja



Syeda Mona Rizvi



6th year

Maria Korzeniowska



Usma Abdallah




English Division


April 2018



The MUL Commencement Ceremony for students of the English Language Division

During the event 129 diplomas were granted to students of American, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern Programs as well as to students of dentistry...

Doctor of the year 2016

On April 27, a ceremonial gala was held at the Lublin Castle, which summed up the next edition of Kurier Lubelski's "Doctor of the Year 2016" plebiscite...