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ANNOUNCEMENT to the Academic Community of the Medical University of Lublin about a fundraising for Ms. Olena's family

Ladies and gentlemen,

Olena Celihzjanowa with her 5-year-old twins, Timur and Nazar, survived the bombing, which left them all seriously injured and almost blind.

She comes from eastern Ukraine. Before the war, she worked at school as a cook and the boys went to preschool.

Thanks to the cooperation between Lviv and Lublin ophthalmologists, it was possible to transport the whole family from Siewierodoniecko, from the hospital, where they received first aid to Lviv and subsequently to Lublin. They travelled over 900 km completely blind, as a result of this explosion 5-year-old Nazar lost one eye.

Due to the warfare, their journey was dangerously long. Polish and Ukrainian doctors, being in constant contact, feared whether they would be able to help the mother and sons.

On March 28, the family was admitted to the Department  General and Pediatric Ophthalmology in Independent Public Teaching Hospital No 1 in Lublin.

The team of prof. Robert Rejdak managed to restore their vision. All three can see now, and despite the tremendous suffering and trauma they have experienced, they feel better each day. They all have numerous facial and body wounds, and Ms. Olena has a broken leg. Despite this, she tries her best to look after her sons. The hospital staff as well as MUL students associated in the Volunteer Center, got involved in help organizing a collection of necessary products and shifts to look after the children. As Ms. Olena wants to stay in Lublin, we would like to help her in this challenge. The family is currently staying in one of the dormitories, but we are making efforts to find a safe place for them. NSZZ Employees of the Medical University in Lublin provided the account for payments.

Account owner: NSZZ Employees of the Municipal Office in Lublin

Account number at Bank Millenium S.A.

(IBAN format): PL38 1160 2202 0000 0005 2366 1119


Title: for Olena and the children

The collection is scheduled for 6 months.

At the end of each month of collection, the MUL Academic Community will be informed about the amount of funds accumulated on the sub-account and their purpose. Please be informed that the purpose of the fundraising is to secure the living needs of Ms. Olena's and the twins.

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